Our Offerings:

Basement Remodeling

Taking a finished or more commonly unfinished area of your home, transforming it into an area that can be used as a hideaway, or to accomplish a particular task.  Some items that may be covered in the process are framing (wood or steel), drywall, suspended ceilings, lighting, paint, trimwork and ceramic tile. Many projects in this category are rec rooms or guestrooms that offer maximum privacy with their own bathroom.  We have worked along with audio-visual professionals to build home theaters to specifications.  We have worked with and are very familiar with sound isolation clips and hardware, as well as laminating drywall with Green Glue to reduce sound transmission to other parts of the home and also increase sound quality within the theater.

Partial Bathroom Renovations

Partial renovations are a common choice for individuals looking to put their home on the market.  This is possible when enough existing components can be reused to accomplish a desired effect yet still remain cost effective.  In this case, changing simple fixtures and repainting may bring new life into a bathroom.

Complete Bathroom Renovations

Complete bathroom remodels are often necessary when many components are simply tired or worn out.  Inadequate ventilation is often an item that needs to be addressed.  Usually the removal of everything - tub, fixtures, tile, drywall - must take place.  When demolition is complete, you'd be down to the bare studs and sub-floor.  To put it in a sentence, you'd be starting from scratch.  While this might seem to be more than necessary, many have chosen this route because everything will be new.  Options are almost limitless at this point and future maintenance will be at a minimum for some time.  In either option, whether partial or complete renovations, it is our earnest endeavor to keep disruption of the home to an absolute minimum.

Drywall and Finishing

Installation of 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch regular or mold-resistant drywall using screws and glue.  Finishing is a 3-step process.
- first coat consists of brown bag Durabond cement.  
- Second and third coat of ready mix type compound.  
- Sanding is only after the final coat.  We consider final cleanup, including vacuuming, as part of the job.

Water Damage or Drywall Repair

Remove drywall that has sagged due to moisture or has become structurally unsound and replace it with new.  If the repair is moisture-related, before closing up the repaired area, we would check for mold in both the surrounding material and in the insulation.  The finishing process is described in the section above.  In these types of repairs, we realize that this is more than just an occupied space.  It is your home.  For this reason we tarp and vacuum the areas that we work in.

Plaster Delamination and Repair

Over time, plaster can become unsound, sag, crack, or flake.  Although water is often the most common culprit, age and structural issues can also cause problems.  At times, an older home may have had multiple owners and may have gone unoccupied at some time in it's history. If this has been the case during the winter months, extreme cold can "set in" a structure and can weaken and reduce the serviceable life of plaster.  In any case, early detection and repair is necessary to save old plaster.  This is most important if the owner wishes to keep a home period correct, free of drywall.

Bathroom Renovation Rochester NY

Complete and partial bathroom renovations in Rochester NY have been a major part of our contractor business for years. Partial bathroom renovations are common for people looking to put their houses on the market for sale. Complete bathroom renovations are necessary when many components are worn out. We are able to offer services for both partial bathroom renovations and complete bathroom renovations.

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