What to Know About Water Damage on Drywall

Walls and ceilings in modern houses are typically constructed using drywall. While durable and fire-resistant, this material can be compromised by water if there is a leak in your home. In this case, drywall repair or replacement is required to restore the aesthetic appeal, safety, and structural integrity of your space. Learn more about this problem in this guide to decide what steps to take.

How Does Drywall Develop Water Damage?

Most moisture problems occur in areas around plumbing fixtures. Roof leaks can also lead to water damage in the attic. With the high winds and heavy rains, some have experienced water damage in bathroom vents, soffits, or any venting your attic may have.

Look for sagging walls and ceilings, which could result from upstairs leaks. Bubbling and stained paint also develop when there are hidden leaks behind walls. Have any leaks repaired before addressing the damage left on walls. 

Do You Need Drywall Repairs or Replacement?

There is a risk that mold or mildew may grow on drywall after it’s been exposed to water. Mold growth can trigger respiratory reactions, such as sneezing and coughing, in those with allergies or asthma. If mold is caught early, a contractor can clean it off your drywall or patch compromised areas.

While minor water damage can be addressed by drywall repair, you’ll need to have saturated boards replaced. For example, if flooding results in bowing or warping of the material, the drywall won’t return to its original shape even after it dries.

In Need of Repair?

If you need drywall repair or replacement after water damage, turn to Wenner Brothers. Serving Eastern Monroe County, NY, we have more than 56 years of experience and will help you decide what steps to take. As a family-owned and -operated company, we provide quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Call (585) 425-2718 to discuss your needs and get an estimate.