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Wall panel removal

Ceiling removal & resurfacing

Surface prep

Drywall refinishing

Our Wood Paneling Removal Approach

Wood paneling can sometimes make rooms feel claustrophobic, especially if the material is dark or shows signs of damage. These things become your focus instead of simply enjoying the room.

Although you can sand, prime, and paint wood paneling so that it appears different — and you can improve the lighting — many of our customers wish to remove the paneling altogether. It gives you more options moving forward and feels more like the finishes in the rest of your home. Removing these materials will allow you to create a lighter, airier, and more pleasant space. Our reputation for conscious wood paneling removal was built on years of experience working on homes in our community. We have a good idea of what is behind your paneling because we have worked on homes built by the same builder at a similar timeframe. Often times we have worked in the same neighborhood, so we are following the same tradesman just 50-60 years later. This helps minimize surprises when the work takes place.

Contact Wenner Brothers if you would like to explore options to bring new life and energy to your room.

What To Expect

What To Expect

Wenner Brothers’ wood paneling removal services are specific to your space and needs. Our honed expertise gives us the necessary skills to perform a clean removal and our finishing process sets your walls up for whatever comes next.

Conscientious Approach

Tailored work based on the needs of the client and space, performed personally by owners Daryl and Justin

Timely Updates

Frequent, honest communication throughout the job

Prompt Service

On-time start, on-time finish

Cleanliness Consideration

Work areas are tarped and vacuumed thoroughly
each day to respect your home.

If you are after impressive results that come at a fair price, consider Wenner Brothers’ wood paneling removal services. When we do panel removal for clients, they’re always in complete disbelief that this room is now in their home. They often wish they had done the renovation earlier, as it was such a painless process.

You don’t have to live with a look you don’t love.

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Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight

A few months back, a customer contracted Wenner Brothers to execute a wood paneling removal project.

“Thank you so much for all the hard hard work you and your brother did at my home. Not only was everything done exactly as we discussed but your communication each day and also prior to the job starting was excellent! What a refreshing change from others I have hired in the past. I look forward to working with you both in the future on other projects.”

—Jo from Penfield

Their Needs

This client required panel removal from the walls of an upstairs bedroom so they could convert it to a home office. Not only were we stripping the paneling, but we were also tackling some insulation improvements and drywalling the ceiling, as it had finally reached the point where it was too far gone for more patches or repairs. We wanted to deliver a flawless end result, so we knew this would be a pretty extensive room overhaul.

Project Considerations

This project was carried out in an occupied space, so we were extremely conscious of our footprint in the home - even with the need to carry all of our material and tools to the second floor!

Work Process & Outcomes

Overall the project took us about one week once demolition was complete. The room felt so crisp and fresh when we finished up. This project was carried out in the middle of winter, so the insulation improvements were quite noticeable. We are certain our customer will really enjoy this new space (especially now that they’re working from it full time)!

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The Wenner Brothers provides expert wood paneling removal services. Say goodbye to outdated aesthetics and welcome a fresh, modern look with our top tier wood paneling removal services. We are your gateway to a transformative experience, ensuring a seamless process for removing wood wall paneling and rejuvenating your space. Our skilled team combines precision and efficiency to deliver a flawless removal process, setting the stage for a contemporary and inviting atmosphere. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.