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Our Textured Ceiling Removal Services

Many of our clients have textured ceilings that have been carefully “worked around” during earlier remodels. We often hear that this is because they were unaware that there was another option — especially one that would be kind to an occupied environment.

Removing wall and ceiling texture now is a long-term investment to help mitigate potential problems later on. Consider Wenner Brothers texture removal services to get the maximum benefit out of your rooms. We can work with existing wall colors if only the ceiling is in question or perform texture removal services as part of a whole-room renovation.

Textured ceilings are often removed due to being difficult to clean, especially if they have an aggressive or deep pattern. This is especially true of the rooms in our homes we use the hardest, namely kitchens and bathrooms. Texture removal allows for more light reflection around the room, brightening and lightening spaces. Best of all, smooth ceilings are also more repairable. Aging mechanics, paired with an event of some magnitude, (a water leak, structural movement, etc.) can leave a section of your textured ceiling with damage that now needs to be blended in. If this happens to the same area more than once, you may have an area that is no longer repairable because it can’t be feathered in.

See how a smooth finish changes a space.

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What To Expect

What To Expect

Wenner Brothers’ texture removal services are completed with care. It’s more than quick sanding and a coat of paint - it’s a thoughtful removal process that delivers dramatic results.

Conscientious Approach

Quality work performed personally by Daryl and Justin

Timely Updates

Frequent, honest communication throughout the job

Prompt Service

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Cleanliness Consideration

Vacuum-assisted sanding with HEPA filtration
for dramatic dust reduction

If you are after impressive results that come at a fair price, consider Wenner Brothers’ texture removal services. Ceiling and wall texture removal can be a messy process, and we understand our clients’ desires to maintain the functionality of their homes while work is being done. We take all considerations to reduce the amount of dust and debris in the air and go to great lengths to provide maximum protection and minimum disruption to your living space.

Make your space work for you.

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Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight

“The painting crew is giving your texture removal work rave reviews! I hope you don’t mind but I passed your information onto our lead painter so they can recommend your work to other clients. Thank you and Justin again for everything!”

—Tiffany from Penfield

Their Needs

Our client was undertaking a series of home renovations. They had textured ceilings that were in serviceable condition, but were clashing with the overall new aesthetic. It was obvious that these ceilings were presenting a limitation for our client.

Project Considerations

Not only did we need to consider the way these ceilings would work with the renovations, but we also had to work around many other existing finishes, including freshly finished hardwood flooring.

Work Process & Outcomes

We do quite a bit of texture removal, but still are still in awe at the end result at times. This was especially true for this project. The removal work went smoothly (no pun intended) and, just as we were completing our portion of the renovation, the sun came out and flooded the area with natural light. It was so rewarding to see just how open and reflective the room now was! That moment truly showcased the space and showed that there would be no limitations moving forward.

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